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Enzo Strano - Founder & MD

I started ESRS Productions in 2021, pulling together everything I've learned over ten years in the audiovisual field. My name's Enzo Strano, and I was driven by the idea that we could do event production differently — more efficiently, with the latest tech, and without all the usual fuss.

At the core of what we do is making what you imagine happen, for real, on screen. It's about getting rid of the unnecessary complications, using smart tech to make sure our virtual and hybrid events run smoothly, and don't cost you a fortune. We want your message to hit home with audiences everywhere, without you worrying about the details.

I've seen the old ways of doing things up close — too many people, too much equipment, too much expense. So, I decided we'd run leaner at ESRS, with fewer people doing more, cutting down on costs, and still delivering top-notch events. Whether it's a big conference or a small workshop, we've shown we can handle it, and handle it well.

We're all about creating events that grab people, wherever they are. Our work speaks to our adaptability and our commitment to quality. And I'm always looking for the next technology or approach that can take us even further.

Looking ahead, I'm excited to keep pushing the limits of event production. At ESRS Productions, we're ready to take your event to the next level — making sure your ideas not only get seen and heard but really make an impact.

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