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Streamlining Your Corporate Live Stream Productions with Stream deck and vMix

Hello community,

Welcome back to our newsletter, where we delve into the exciting world of live streaming and share valuable insights to help you create seamless and engaging corporate events. In this episode, we'll explore the powerful combination of Stream deck and vMix to enhance and simplify your live streaming workflow.

🎬 Stream deck: Your Customizable Command Centre

Stream deck, developed by Elgato, is a versatile tool designed to streamline your live production workflow. With customizable LCD buttons, Stream deck allows you to create shortcuts for various actions, enabling you to access key features and execute commands with a single touch. It is an excellent addition to any live streaming setup and can be easily integrated with vMix.

🖥️ vMix: A Powerful Live Streaming Software

vMix is a powerful live streaming software that enables you to produce, record, and stream live events with professional quality. With a robust set of features, vMix offers seamless integration with various streaming platforms, video sources, and input devices, making it a top choice for live event producers and broadcasters alike.

🎛️ Streamlining Your Corporate Live Stream Production with Stream deck and vMix

Combining Stream deck with vMix can greatly enhance your live streaming workflow. Here are some ways you can leverage this dynamic duo to create seamless corporate events:

  1. Quick Scene Switching: Assign each Stream deck button to a different vMix input, enabling instant scene transitions without having to search through a long list of sources.

  2. Control Audio Levels: Map Stream deck buttons to control audio levels for individual sources, ensuring that your audio mix is balanced and professional.

  3. Instant Replay: Configure Stream deck to trigger instant replays in vMix, making it easy to showcase highlights during sports events or other fast-paced live streams.

  4. Custom Macros: Create custom macros in vMix and assign them to Stream deck buttons, allowing you to execute complex sequences of actions with a single touch.

  5. Stream Controls: Start and stop your live stream, record your event, or take a snapshot directly from Stream deck, providing you with quick access to essential streaming functions.

By integrating Stream deck with vMix, you can optimize your live streaming workflow, allowing you to focus on delivering engaging and professional corporate events. Stream deck's customizable interface and vMix's powerful live production capabilities make for an unbeatable combination in the world of live streaming.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on live streaming and the latest industry trends. Don't forget to share your thoughts and experiences with Stream deck and vMix in the comments below!

Happy streaming!

Enzo Strano


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