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Elevate Your Production Game with ESRS PRODUCTIONS

Welcome to a paradigm shift in live video production training – a vMix course meticulously designed to surpass the ordinary and unleash the extraordinary. We are ESRS PRODUCTIONS, where we challenge the status quo and set a new standard for broadcasting excellence.

Redefining vMix Training

You've likely seen the mundane, basic vMix tutorials that plague the web - they offer the standard, but we're here to deliver the spectacular. Our mission is to shatter the norms, push beyond the boundaries, and spark your creative genius.

At ESRS PRODUCTIONS, we dive deeper than the user manual. We explore the untapped potential of vMix and guide you in leveraging the software in extraordinary ways. It's not just about understanding the tool - it's about becoming a master craftsman.

Our Training Difference

  • Dynamic Learning: Our step-by-step, interactive learning experiences engage, educate, and empower you to rise above the standard. You're not just observing - you're actively creating.

  • Industry Veterans: Our trainers are seasoned professionals who've shaped the broadcasting landscape. Their industry insights and experience translate into invaluable knowledge for you.

  • In-Person and Online: Experience the best of both worlds. Benefit from in-depth, in-person training sessions that offer immediate feedback and an immersive learning experience. Prefer learning at your own pace? Get on-demand access to online recorded sessions.

This is your opportunity to ascend beyond the norm. Don't settle for the 'standard'. With ESRS PRODUCTIONS, you're not just producing live video - you're orchestrating captivating broadcasts that resonate with your audience.

Embark on your extraordinary vMix journey today. Stand out in the live streaming universe - your exceptional journey starts here with


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